#E32015 – Complete UK Time Schedule

E3, she be comin’.

Here’s a complete timing schedule for the UK – main conferences, livestreams, side shows and all.


Time is Money: The Diary of an ‘Idle Game’ Addict

As the ‘idle game’ genre grows into the Steam and mobile markets, so too does the addictive nature of them, with the danger of wasting even more time on these intentional time-wasters.


Entire Collection of EXTREMELY Rare Tomb Raider ‘Edition Atlas’ Figurines Listed on eBay

Featuring more than 70 figurines, the Edition Atlas Tomb Raider set is one of the rarest and most sought after by video game figurine collectors – and here, in all its glory, is the entire set listed on eBay.


No Paint, No Gain: Splatoon Preview

Our very own Dan Cox gives us his thoughts of Nintendo’s newest IP, Splatoon, after having inked about with the global testfire demo. Yes, ‘inked about’ was a pun. No, it probably doesn’t make any sense.


Why Giving A Game A Score Out of Ten is Entirely Arbitrary and Ultimately Flawed

In this editorial Ash explores his long standing contempt for game review scores and whether they still have a place in this industry.


First 4 Figures Releasing Limited ‘Viewtiful Joe’ Statue This Year

First 4 Figures, the sculptors behind beautiful figures from Zelda, Metroid, Sonic, Mega Man and more begin pre-orders of their new Viewtiful Joe figurine – and it’s gorgeous.

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Gameiversary: The Video Game Anniversary Project

Introducing Coin Arcade’s video game anniversary project, Gameiversary! Supplying the (probably unnecessary) niche for video game anniversaries, Gameiversary alerts you daily to that day’s video game anniversaries.

Love Letters

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

Jack Wood continues his ‘LOVE LETTERS’ series with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, explaining why the first GTA game that anybody plays is always one of their more memorable moments and why Vice City still stands above the rest.


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