EA Closes Maxis Emeryville Studio

Responsible for The Sims, The Sims 2, Spore, SimCity and DarkSpore, Maxis Emeryville – serving as both the founding studio and headquarters of Maxis – has been unexpectedly shut down by EA.


Llamawatch: A Look Back at ‘LLAMATRON: 2112′

Seeing as the world is currently entrapped in some sort of llama drama, this seems as good a time as any to take a look back at the PC (DOS) classic ‘LLAMATRON: 2118′.


Bacon Man: A Beautiful Blend of Mega Man, Dark Souls and Charm

Described as a mixture of Dark Souls’ difficulty and Mega Man’s precise platforming, (with tastes of Earthworm Jim and Rayman thrown in) Bacon Man is a three-person developed platformer/RPG that somehow manages to deliver more charm and quality than many AAA titles thrown in our direction these days.


CERN Students Create Cookie Clicker Clone, ‘Particle Clicker’

Cookie Clicker was one of the first idle games that took the world by storm last year and, Influenced by this addictive phenomenon, some clever students at the CERN Summer Student Webfest decided to create a physics-based clone, appropriately titled ‘Particle Clicker’.

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Gameiversary: The Video Game Anniversary Project

Introducing Coin Arcade’s video game anniversary project, Gameiversary! Supplying the (probably unnecessary) niche for video game anniversaries, Gameiversary alerts you daily to that day’s video game anniversaries.


Nintendo Still Don’t Get PR and Branding: UK Division Fires All of Their PR Field Agents

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love Nintendo. I love them for all of their charm, their uniqueness, the memories they invoke in me and their joy-filled games. However, I’ve always felt that at times, Nintendo simply don’t know what they’re doing – especially when they make stupid moves like firing their entire field PR division.

Love Letters

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

Jack Wood continues his ‘LOVE LETTERS’ series with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, explaining why the first GTA game that anybody plays is always one of their more memorable moments and why Vice City still stands above the rest.


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