Origamihero Releases ‘A Game With a Kitty 7: Sky Crashers’

Origamihero, best known as the guy behind the ‘A Game With a Kitty’ games, has released his free seventh iteration of the charming platformer series.


Titanfall Review – Last Gen Swansong or Bomb?

A game has to be something special to be marked as one of key early events in the latest generation console war, yet that is undoubtedly how Titanfall, for better or for worse, will be remembered. Now finally released, Titanfall is underpinned by the hopes and fears of worldwide gamers and company CEOs alike.

No pressure then, Respawn Entertainment.


‘’ Shuts Its Doors After Two Years

It’s come as an unexpected hit, but unfortunately the blog (a blog dedicated to highlighting great free indie games) has shut its doors after two years of service.


Super Smash Bros. Nostalgia: A Look Back at ‘Brawl’

The Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct this week didn’t just get me pumped for the upcoming games, it also took me down memory lane. I shall always remember June 2008 as the month that kick-started life-long friendships, some of the best memories I have and some of my greatest video gaming experiences to date.

It was that month that Super Smash Bros. Brawl released on the Wii in the UK.


The Minecraft Door That Will Only Open When the Universe Has Ended

Youtuber Spumwack has created what he hopes to be the most useless Minecraft creation ever made: a door that, aided by an intricate clock system, will only open in 1 googol years (a googol being one followed by 100 zeroes), after the universe will have likely ended.


Merry Christmas: The Best Christmas-Themed Indie Games

Merry Christmas: The Best Christmas-Themed Indie Games

What better way is there for a gamer to top off the Christmas period and hang on to that festive feeling than with some Christmas-themed games? With platformers, arcade games, cutesy graphics and even a Metal Gear Solid spoof, these free indie games should keep that Christmas spark alive for just a bit longer.

Love Letters

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

Jack Wood continues his ‘LOVE LETTERS’ series with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, explaining why the first GTA game that anybody plays is always one of their more memorable moments and why Vice City still stands above the rest.


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